• Shelley

Fond Farm Memories from Childhood

My FAVORITE place growing up was my Grandparents’ farm. My Granddaddy Garrard raised cattle and had a massive garden. I remember roaming all over the property with my siblings and cousins, fishing in the “Big Pond,” picking apples and cherries, taking turns on the swing, taking the vegetable scraps to the cows, catching lightning bugs. I could go on.

The farm was freedom… and GREAT food!

Going to the grocery store with my grandmother was a quick errand: milk, Coca-colas (in the glass bottles), dry goods. My grandparents had three freezers full of meat and their garden’s bounty. You did not go hungry in Grandmama Kicky’s kitchen.

As I learn more about the food industry, I am drawn back to the simplicity of home-grown food. I love walking into the yard and picking lettuce leaves right before dinner for the freshest salad you will ever eat. I love preparing lamb knowing that animal was raised humanely. I love having fresh eggs at my fingertips!

We are pleased to share this love of freedom and fresh food with you!

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