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Stanton and I started Windfell Farm in 2014 because we want to know where our food comes from and what it eats!  We began our married life on a 1/6 acre in Belmont, NC.  Stanton, a golfer, wanted to grow more grass and I wanted to produce something WE could eat.  After (literally) digging in, we realized producing healthy food and pastures begins with healthy soil.

Our Philosophy

Improve soil health, pasture quality, and animal productivity while limiting external inputs.

To build the soil and improve animal health, we practice regenerative grazing.  Our sheep and chickens are rotated through the pastures daily.  The pasture is fertilized by the animals and then allowed to rest as the animals move on.  The animals get a fresh buffet daily and have fewer health issues grazing rested pastures.  We are working to balance the minerals in the soil so the soil microbes can do the work of making nutrients available to the grass and then the animals then to you!

We don't use fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides on our farm. Our sheep and laying hens are pasture-raised and the sheep are grass-fed.  


Healthy soil and pastures = healthy food.  

Pasture-Raised Lamb

Windfell lambs are born in the winter and allowed to wean on their own time. Our ewes are great mamas and need little assistance from us!  

Free-Range Eggs

We have happy hens that scratch and peck through our pastures. Their favorite foods are crickets and dandelions!

Livestock Guardians

Meet Bingley (all white) and Fitz (grey ears)! They stay in the pastures full-time to protect our sheep, and us!  They are sweet boys!

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