Windfell Farm is our 12-acre farm, and our dream.  We produce pasture-raised lamb and eggs from free-range hens.  Each year we strive to improve soil health, pasture quality, and animal productivity.


We have a small flock of Katahdin/Dorper cross sheep.  These are hair sheep that shed their winter wool.  Each winter, Windfell lambs are born and are allowed to self-wean throughout the year while frolicking and feasting on seasonal grasses.  Lambs are processed in the fall at 9-11 months old, or around 100 lbs.  This is just in time for the holiday season!  


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We produce eggs from free-range chickens.  Our hens are on pasture 24/7, protected from our many predators (hawks, foxes, coyotes, etc.) by electric net fencing and our guardian dogs, Bingley and Fitz.  We have several different breeds that lay eggs of varying shades of brown.

Pasture-Raised Lamb

Windfell lambs are born in the winter and allowed to wean on their own time. Our ewes are great mamas and need little assistance from us!  

Free-Range Eggs

We have happy hens that scratch and peck through our pastures. Their favorite foods are crickets and dandelions!

Livestock Guardians

Meet Bingley (all white) and Fitz (grey ears)! They stay in the pastures full-time to protect our sheep, and us!  They are sweet boys!

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